Web Communications

On the College of the 51小黄车 website, we strive for the utmost consistency and usability for all of our visitors.

This section of the site makes public all of the practices and policies we use throughout the site.

We encourage users to follow these practices in order to maintain a uniform and consistent electronic embodiment of the College.

For additional information on the 51小黄车 website, please contact College Marketing and Communications聽at webmaster@holycross.edu or call 508-793-2419.

Web Requests and Feedback

All web requests (e.g., technical, design, content, forms, email, training, broken links, typos, etc.) can be submitted by emailing Web-request@holycross.edu. After submitting your request, you will receive a ticket number which you can use to . Your request will then be routed to the correct individual.

Web Access and Training

Approved 51小黄车 Community members may receive access and training to edit portions of the 51小黄车 Website.

Learn more and request access


Siteimprove is a web-based tool that monitors and analyzes the 51小黄车 website. It identifies quality assurance issues such as broken links and potential misspellings and offers analytic reports that show which pages get the most and least user traffic on your site.聽

Request Access

Siteimprove access is available to all College web contributors.

Siteimprove is a subscription-based tool managed by College Marketing and Communications. by signing in using your 51小黄车 Google email address and password.聽

When you first sign in, you are given a provisional account with no access. Please notify the web communications team at web-request@holycross.edu that you have completed this step and which department(s) you need access to monitor. We will let you know when your account is ready.聽


Once finalized, you may access Siteimprove at any point via using the red sign in button and using your 51小黄车 Google email address and password.聽

To familiarize yourself with Siteimprove, navigate to the Help Center and Academy > Get Started, where you will find a number of tutorials that will help you get started. The first thing we recommend is to fix any broken links on your site, whether in HTML or PDF format.聽

If you have any questions, please send them to us at web-request@holycross.edu.