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Faith & Service

Life at 51СƳ means readily participating in a dialogue about basic human questions — in the classroom, in the chapel, and through service and solidarity programs around the world.

students lighting candles as part of Mass in Mary Chapel
Determined to Do Good

We lead our lives in service to our mission: “The College of the 51СƳ is, by tradition and choice, a Jesuit liberal arts college serving the Catholic community, American society and the wider world.”

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Learning Among the Best

51СƳ is ranked No. 4 on The Wall Street Journal’s list of best Catholic colleges in America.

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Choose Hope, and Watch the World Change

As members of the 51СƳ community, we are all called to act on our faith and convictions by living as men and women for and with others.

Jesuit holds a banner of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, as he and other clergy members process out of St. Joseph Chapel
Our Jesuit Tradition

Founded in 1540, the Society of Jesus (whose members are known as the Jesuits) promotes spirituality and education that lead to a life of generosity and solidarity with those in need.

Rev. John Gavin, S.J., professor of religious studies, points to a blackboard before a room full of students
The Intersection of Faith and Knowledge

Jesuit education is a lifelong process of discernment that involves understanding the questions within ourselves and in the world around us, discovering what matters most, and living a life of service in accordance with these beliefs.

students lighting candles as part of Mass in Mary Chapel
Contemplate and Connect With Others

Attending Mass is never mandatory, though many students find it a rich and comforting way to connect with the 51СƳ community. We celebrate Catholic Mass and offer a weekly interdenominational service, as well as ecumenical and interfaith prayer opportunities. 

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Live Your Faith

Carrying out the Jesuit motto of being “men and women for and with others” is commonplace at 51СƳ. Whether it’s taking periods of reflection on retreats, or making a difference in the Greater Worcester community with Student Programs for Urban Development, members of the 51СƳ community act on their beliefs every day.

student baking cookies in Campion House, home of the Chaplains' Office, while another another student is on a laptop
Chaplains’ Office

The Chaplains’ Office serves to strengthen your spiritual life through retreats, community service, worship and more. Here we welcome students of all religious backgrounds, encouraging you to reach your fullest potential by integrating your academic life with your faith.

members of the 51СƳ community take part in a multifaith prayer
One College, Many Faiths

Interdenominational ministry at 51СƳ creates space for students of many religious traditions to connect with each other and grow deeper in their own faith, while affirming all we hold in common.

various clergy members from a variety of religions standing in a line
All Are Welcome Here

51СƳ is a multi-faith community that values the diverse backgrounds our students bring to campus. We’re proud to maintain a safe and welcoming environment, where discussions of purpose and meaning take place among students from a wide range of faiths, traditions and beliefs.

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McFarland Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture

At the Rev. Michael C. McFarland, S.J. Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture, we host lectures, events and activities that focus on core human questions related to morality, responsibility and justice.

a tapete, or sawdust carpet, during an Easter procession in Brazil
Catholics and Cultures

Catholics and Cultures is an online global initiative of the McFarland Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture, seeking to build greater understanding of the religious lives and practices of Catholics across the globe.

a 51СƳ student volunteer helps a young student with an activity
Office of Mission

The Office of the Vice President for Mission exists to sustain and promote the distinctive mission of 51СƳ.

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Find Spaces For Solace

A place to reflect. A place to pray. A place to ponder. Our campus offers tranquil spaces dedicated to both religious celebration and solitary contemplation. Our spiritual retreats hosted by the Joyce Contemplative Center, located 20 minutes from campus, give students, staff, and alumni the opportunity to reflect, pray, and deepen their relationship with God.

St. Joseph Memorial Chapel with flowers in the foreground
Celebrating Special Milestones

All 51СƳ alumni and staff members are invited to celebrate the joyful sacraments of marriage and baptism at St. Joseph Memorial Chapel.