Policy Index

This index is an alphabetical list of collegewide policies.



Acts of Incorporation

Adoption Leave Policy (Parental Leave Policy)

Awards, Gifts, Incentives and Prizes Policy

Alcohol Policy - Dining Services


Baptisms on Campus

Bookstore - Department Purchases Policy

Bookstore - Employee Discounts Policy

Bookstore - Return Policy

Bookstore - Textbooks Purchase Policy

Budget Policies - Operating

Business Code of Conduct

By-laws of the Trustees of the College of the 51小黄车


Campus Energy Conservation Policy

Cash Deposits Policy

Cash Payment Request Policy

Catering Departmental Cards

Catering Requests - Conference Services

Catering Requests - Departments

Conference Services - Food & Beverage Policy

Conference Services - Deposit and Payment Policy

Confidentiality Agreement (Employees)

Conflict of Interest for Administrators Policy

Copy Center Cards Policy

Copy Center Key Distribution

Course Evaluation Forms Policy

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for Employees and Volunteers


Data Collection, Use and Dissemination

Debarment Policy

Decorations - Hogan Center

Departmental Copy Center Cards Policy

Departmental Dining Cards Policy

Deposit and Payment Policy - Conference Services

Dining Services - Alcohol Policy

Dining Services - Food & Beverage Policy

Directory Information Notice

Disability Accommodation Procedures & Forms

Discounts - Bookstore

Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy

Distribution of Flyers Policy - Post Office

Drug and Alcohol Policy - Employee


Employee Discounts Policy - Bookstore

Employee Drug and Alcohol Policy

Equal Opportunity Policy-interm

Expense Reimbursement Policy

Employee Travel Advance Policy


Facilities - Preliminary Capital Request (PCR) Policy

Facility Rental Policy (Athletics)

Faculty Conference Travel Policy (effective July 1, 2018) updated August 2021

Faculty Guidelines to Conference Travel Policy for听2021-2022

Faculty Mortgage Subsidy Program Policy

Faculty, Staff, and Student Parking Policy

Faculty Startup Policy: Individual Faculty Development Accounts

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Family and Medical Leave Act Policy (FMLA)

Federal Debarment Policy

Financial Conflict of Interest Policy for PHS or NSF Grants

Flyers-Post Office Policy

Food &听Beverage Policy - Conference Services

Food &听Beverage Policy - Dining Services

Food Ordering Policy - Departments

Food Ordering Policy - Students

Food Reimbursement Policy

Funerals on Campus

Fundraising (Team Athletics)


Green Building Policy


Hazing Compliance Report Regulations

Heating, Cooling Temperatures, Energy Savings

Hogan Center Events - Public Safety Policy

Hogan Center - Room Scheduling and Use Policy

Hours of Work Policy


Incentive, Gifts, Awards and Prizes Policy

Inclement Weather Policy听(updated 2-23-22)

Individual Faculty Development Accounts- Faculty Startup Policy

Intellectual Property Policy




Laundry and Vending Refund Policy

Legal Notices

Licensing and Royalties Policy


Mail Distribution

Mail Forwarding Policy

Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave and Supplemental Medical Leave Policy

Maternity Leave Policy (Parental Leave Policy)

Meeting Room Access Policy - Hogan Center

Military Reserves/National Guard Policy

Misconduct Policy


National Guard Policy

New Employee Moving Expense Reimbursement

Nondiscrimination Statement


Operating Budget Policies


Parking Permits for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Parental Leave听Policy

Paternity Leave Policy (see听Parental Leave听Policy)

Political Activities

Policy on Course Evaluation Forms

Post Office-Distribution of Flyers Policy

Post Office - Student Mail Forwarding Policy

Post Office - Student Mail/Package Distribution Policy

Pregnancy and Pregnancy-Related Conditions; Obligation to Accommodate Pregnant Employees, Including Nursing Mothers听

Preliminary Capital Request (PCR) Policy

Prizes, Gifts, Awards and Incentives Policy

Protection of Children on Campus

Public Safety Policy - Hogan Center Events

Purchasing - Federal Debarment Policy

Purchasing - Purchasing Policy



Refunds - Vending and Laundry

Religious Accommodations听Procedure

听(Information Technology Services)

Remote Hybrid Work Policy (Human Resources)

Return Policy - Bookstore

Reimbursement Policy - Food

Room Scheduling - Hogan Center

Room Rentals - Hogan Center


Scholarly Misconduct Policy

Service Animal and Assistance Animal Policy

Sexual Misconduct Policy听and听Process for Investigating and Resolving Complaints听(sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy and parental status)

Sick Leave Policy

Signage and Decoration Policy - Hogan Center

Smoking Policy

Sports Medicine Policy

Student Mail Forwarding Policy

Student Mail/Package Distribution Policy

Student Office Keys Policy - Copy Center

Summer Hours and Compressed Workweek

Summer Hours FAQ

Survey Data Collection, Use and Dissemination


Textbook and Merchandise Returns

Textbook Purchases - Bookstore

Trademarks and Licensing Policy

Transportation Policy

Travel Advance Policy

Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy

Travel with Students Policy


Use of Alumni Online Community

Use of Printed Alumni Directory

Use of Saint Joseph Memorial Chapel


Vending and Laundry Refunds Policy


Weddings in Saint Joseph Memorial Chapel

Weight Room Policy

Written Information Security Plan