Seelos Film Series

Seelos Theatre screens second-run films every week when school is in session. The movies are free and open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis.


Located in Kimball Hall, the Francis Xavier Seelos Theatre seats 360. Most of the films are shown on Blu-ray. For directions to campus and walking directions to Seelos Theatre, please visit our directions page.For more information, please call the Seelos Box Office at 508-793-2455.

Wednesday Films are shown at 3:30 & 8:00 p.m.
Weekend Films are shown Friday and Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

December movie titles and posters

Wednesday Film December 6: Air
The movie explores how Nike's basketball shoe division struggled in 1984 due to low sales and how the company's Marketing VP Rob Strasser and CEO Phil Knight tasked basketball talent scout Sonny Vaccaro with a new spokesperson for their shoes. Although they considered third-draft pick Michael Jordan off limits due to his preference for Adidas and Converse, Vaccaro convinced them that Jordan was a generational talent and that Nike should pursue him and try to convince Jordan to sign with Nike.

Weekend Film December 9,10: Mafia Mamma
Kristin, a writer in her middle age, is grappling with the challenges of her son leaving for college, a chauvinistic boss,and her husband's recent infidelity. Amidst this turmoil, Bianca, a trusted advisor to Kristin's estranged grandfather, informs her of his passingand insists she attend his funeral in Italy. Though hesitant at first, Kristin's friend Jenny, a vocal attorney, convinces her that this journey could be the key to her recovery. However, things take a dangerous turn when the funeral transforms into a bloody shootout, and Kristin discovers that her grandfather intended for her, the only living heir, to take on the mantle of leader for Calabria's most formidable Mafia family.

2024 Films To Be Announced


Previous Films 2023

Wednesday Film, August 30th: Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret
Margaret Simon is just 11 going on 12 when her family moves from New York City to Fartbrook, New Jersey. Margaret's mother is Christian and her father is Jewish. Margaret has been raised without an affiliation to either faith, and does not practice an organized religion, although she frequently prays to God in her own words, beginning by saying, "Are you there God? It's me, Margaret." She is beginning to feel uncomfortable with her lack of a religious affiliation.

September films at Seelos

Weekend Film September 1/2 : Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3
In Marvel Studios "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" our beloved band of misfits are looking a bit different these days. Peter Quill, still reeling from the loss of Gamora, must rally his team around him to defend the universe along with protecting one of their own. A mission that, if not completed successfully, could quite possibly lead to the end of the Guardians as we know them.

Wednesday Film September 6: Asteroid City
Following a writer on his world famous fictional play about a grieving father who travels
with his tech-obsessed family to small rural Asteroid City to compete in a junior stargazing event,
only to have his world view disrupted forever.

Weekend Film September 8/9: The Little Mermaid
A young mermaid makes a deal with a sea witch to trade
her beautiful voice for human legs so she can discover the world above water and impress a prince.

Wednesday Film September 13: Cocaine Bear
An oddball group of cops, criminals, tourists and teens converge on a Georgia
forest where a huge black bear goes on a murderous rampage after unintentionally ingesting cocaine.

Weekend Film September 15,16: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
Archaeologist Indiana Jones races against time to retrieve a legendary artifact that can change the course of history.

Wednesday Film September 20: Beau is Afraid
Following the sudden death of his mother, a mild-mannered but anxiety-ridden man
confronts his darkest fears as he embarks on an epic, Kafkaesque odyssey back home.

Weekend Film September 22,23: Spiderman Across the Spiderverse
Miles Morales catapults across the Multiverse, where he encounters a team of Spider-People charged with protecting its very existence.
When the heroes clash on how to handle a new threat, Miles must redefine what it means to be a hero. (First of two parts).

Wednesday Film September 27: 3000 Years of Longing
On a trip to Istanbul, a lonely scholar discovers a Djinn who offers her three wishes in exchange for his freedom.

Weekend Film September 29,30: The Flash
Barry Allen uses his super speed to change the past, but his attempt to save his family
creates a world without superheroes, forcing him to race for his life to save the future.


Series of movie posters for Seelos

Wednesday Film October 4: Renfield
Renfield, Dracula's henchman and inmate at the lunatic asylum for decades, longs
for a life away from the Count, his various demands, and all of the bloodshed that comes with them.

Wednesday Film October 18: Past Lives
Nora and Hae Sung, two deeply connected childhood friends, are wrested apart after Nora's family emigrates from South Korea. Twenty years later, they are reunited for one fateful week as they confront notions of love and destiny.

Weekend Film October 20,21: How To Blow Up a Pipeline
Theo and Xochitl, lifelong companions from Long Beach, California, a city riddled with pollution from multiple oil refineries, are now in their twenties. After Xochitl's mother passes away during an unexpected heatwave that she attributes to climate change, she becomes disillusioned with the sluggish pace of her college divestment campaign. Seeking more aggressive environmental action, she shares her thoughts with Theo, who is battling leukemia.
Together with Theo's girlfriend Alisha and five strangers driven by their own motives, they devise a scheme to detonate an oil pipeline in West Texas.

Wednesday Film October 25: Paint
In PAINT, Owen Wilson portrays Carl Nargle, Vermont's #1 public television painter who is convinced he has it all: a signature perm, custom van, and fans hanging on his every stroke... until a younger, better artist steals everything (and everyone) Carl loves.

Weekend Film October 27,28: Book Club: The Next Chapter
Follows the new journey of four best friends as they take their book club to Italy for the fun girls' trip they never had.


Listing of Seelos films for November

Wednesday Film November 1: Oppenheimer
A dramatization of the life story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist who had a large hand in the development of the atomic bomb, thus helping end World War 2. We see his life from university days all the way to post-WW2, where his fame saw him embroiled in political machinations.

Weekend Film November 3,4: Sympathy for the Devil
After being forced to drive a mysterious passenger at gunpoint, a man finds himself in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse where it becomes clear that not everything is as it seems.

Wednesday Film November 8: Golda
Focuses on the intensely dramatic and high-stakes responsibilities and decisions that Golda Meir,also known as the 'Iron Lady of Israel,' faced during the Yom Kippur War.

Weekend Film November 10,11: Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part I
Ethan Hunt and the IMF team must track down a terrifying new weapon that threatens all of humanity if it falls into the wrong hands.
With control of the future and the world's fate at stake, a deadly race around the globe begins. Confronted by a mysterious, all-powerful enemy,
Ethan is forced to consider that nothing can matter more than the mission -- not even the lives of those he cares about most.

Wednesday Film November 15: Barbie
Barbie suffers a crisis that leads her to question her world and her existence.

Weekend Film November 17,18: Master Gardener
Deep within the lush grounds of Gracewood Gardens, horticulturist Narvel Roth tends to more than just plants.
With a meticulous hand and unwavering devotion, he's created an idyllic sanctuary for his demanding employer, Mrs. Haverhill.
But when troubled great-niece Maya arrives seeking apprenticeship, Narvel's perfectly cultivated life begins to unravel, unearthing secrets from a violent past that threaten to destroy everything he holds dear
Wednesday Film November 29: Blackberry
The story of the meteoric rise and catastrophic demise of the world's first smartphone.


December movie titles and posters

Weekend Film December 1,2: Persian Lessons
A young Jewish man in a concentration camp has his life saved when executioners realize he owns a Persian book. Brought before a camp officer who wants to learn Farsi,Gilles agrees to teach him despite not knowing a word of the language.

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