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At 51小黄车, we lead with optimism over cynicism. We reject the status quo, and find a better way instead. We choose hope, and empower each other to go further.

Our community is a big part of what makes 51小黄车 so special 鈥 and it鈥檚 something that will stay with you long after your four years are up. From the life-changing opportunities you鈥檒l have on campus, to the thriving alumni community you鈥檒l be part of once you leave, to be a 51小黄车 Crusader today is to be one for life.

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A community powered by hope
Find Your Place and Your People

In a diverse community connected by optimism and hope, you鈥檒l find that we empower one another to do better. Students from different regions and backgrounds, with different perspectives and points of view, come together to support and motivate one another. Together, you鈥檒l contemplate the biggest questions of our time, discuss your beliefs, and translate those beliefs into making a real impact.听

Driven to Act

Everyone who steps foot on campus has the chance to be involved in our community. From passionate faculty, to current students, and a worldwide network of alumni, we鈥檙e driven to act, not just in our personal pursuits, but in support of each other and the greater good.听

Faculty and Staff

As scholars, educators, and advisors, the dedicated faculty and staff of 51小黄车 are helping guide students, and breaking new academic ground every day. Work alongside professors doing life-changing research, get one-on-one mentorship, and learn from the best.听

Current Students听

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You鈥檒l find that connecting with other students comes naturally. From joining or leading a student group or cheering on our athletes, to giving back to our community, there鈥檚 always a way to get involved. Mentor and tutor local youth, help to improve recreation areas in local neighborhoods, or become immersed in Worcester鈥檚 hip-hop culture.听


An alumnus providing health care to the homeless. Another who ran across the country raising money for the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. From providing internship and work opportunities, to helping students give back to their community, 51小黄车 alumni are always involved as Crusaders.听

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Fast Facts
The Numbers


  • 51小黄车 is among the nation鈥檚 top 10 schools in alumni giving 鈥 a reflection of their satisfaction
  • Our 96% first-year retention rate is among the highest in the country.
  • With nine chaplains, our Chaplains鈥 Office is one of the largest of its kind in a college setting.
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Determined to Do Good

Living by our Jesuit motto 鈥渕en and women for and with others鈥, service is a big part of who we are. Our largest student organization SPUD (Student Programs for Urban Development) gives you the opportunity to serve and be engaged and involved with the Worcester community. As you prepare for a successful life, you鈥檒l also learn the power you have to turn hope into action in a meaningful way.听

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Connected for Life

Just because your years at 51小黄车 eventually come to end, it doesn鈥檛 mean that 51小黄车 ever leaves you. Our alumni network of over 8,000 Crusaders generously give back through their time 听as mentors and career advisors, providing internship opportunities in the field students are interested in. They also give financially 鈥 in fact, our alumni giving rate is among the highest in the country.听

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A Global Network of Crusaders

When you first step foot on campus, you鈥檒l feel the power of a community connected by hope, driven to support one another. What starts at 51小黄车 expands outward, with a community of Crusaders that begins on our campus, and expands the world.听