The 51СƳ Experience

It’s more than taking classes. It’s discovering who you were meant to be.

St. Joseph Memorial Chapel and Fenwick Hall during springtime
You May Have to See It to Believe It

Find community and kinship on our lush 174-acre campus, where deep exploration is encouraged and meaningful connections are part of our culture. 

At Home at 51СƳ

When you leave your hometown to attend 51СƳ, you’ll quickly discover a new home here on campus, and your circle of lifelong friends will widen. Whether you’re debating philosophy over coffee at Cool Beans or catching a new release at Seelos Theater, our campus thrums with activity and abounds with opportunities to meet new people and try new things — or just to enjoy a laidback evening.

Living and learning alongside friends who become like family, you’ll soon be putting your passions into action — whether it’s spearheading eco-friendly initiatives on campus, serving hot meals to the homeless, or taking up horseback riding. Our more than 100 student groups and organizations offer unlimited ways to make your free time truly memorable.

a large group of students cheering in seelos theater
You're Going to Love it Here

We're confident that once you come to 51СƳ, you won't want to leave.

  • Our 96% first-year retention rate is among the best in the country.
  • We have received .
  • 86 percent of our students graduate within four years. 
students singing during Mass in Mary Chapel
Who Is 51СƳ?

As a 51СƳ student, you’ll be engaged with the community, the campus and your peers. Many students participate in service activities outside of class, and with more than 100 clubs on campus, you’ll have ample opportunity to forge bonds with other compassionate, curious leaders who embody the idea of “men and women for and with others.”

students on a field trip looking through binoculars
Uncover a Passion that Lights You Up As You Learn

Choosing your life’s work often isn’t a linear process — during your studies, you may be inspired to explore a direction you’ve never considered before. That’s why we encourage you to spend time rigorously exploring your passions, big and small, without choosing a major right away.

an excited student at Commencement Exercises standing up and holding her diploma up high
Chart a Course Toward Lifelong Success

While you may only spend a few years on campus, 51СƳ prepares you to think critically, communicate effectively, and value and respect all perspectives. Our unmatched opportunities in research and experiential learning will set you on a path to success, no matter what discipline you decide to pursue.

O'Kane clocktower with Dinand Library in the background
Dedicated to Making Education Accessible

Finances should never stand in the way of the pursuit of knowledge. 51СƳ is committed to meeting you where you are — and meeting 100 percent of demonstrated need.

group of students taking a selfie near Dinand Library stairs with O'Kane Hall in the background
Picture Yourself Here

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