Orientations & Information for Incoming Students

We work hard to ensure the transition from high school to 51小黄车 is smooth for accepted students. Our award-winning orientation programs provide a welcoming and informative introduction to the campus and community.

Orientation leaders pose for photos following the completion of the 2022 Gateways program

Orientations & Information for Incoming Students

The first few weeks of college are exciting, joyous and memorable 鈥 but they also have the potential to be stressful. The Office of Student Involvement assists incoming students with their transition to college life at 51小黄车 through a nationally recognized orientation program. Over the course of Gateways Orientation, you鈥檒l experience the residential and academic environment on campus, gain a greater appreciation for the Jesuit, Catholic mission of the College, learn about educational opportunities and responsibilities, and begin to build friendships with your classmates.

Gateways Orientation involves the collaboration of student leaders, faculty, and staff members who provide authentic insight into what you should expect of your 51小黄车 experience. Gateways Orientation will begin on move in day and will consist of five days of programming for students to understand what it means to live and learn and community. All new students are expected to fully participate in Gateways Orientation.

Additional Orientation Opportunities 

  • Gateways International Student Orientation is a special orientation program offered free of charge for first-year international students. In addition to introducing them to residential and academic life at 51小黄车, this program helps with important personal matters that include everything from setting up a bank account and purchasing a cell phone to identifying campus support services and understanding U.S. immigration requirements. All first-year international students are expected to participate in this program.
  • Gateways Transfer Student Orientation is a program for transfer students to meet their peers, meet faculty and staff, and become better acquainted with life at 51小黄车. Orientation Leaders will welcome new transfer students and through a variety of sessions and activities that are planned specifically to recognize previous educational experiences as a transfer student.
  • The Passport Program is designed to assist promising first-year students achieve their full potential during their transition to the educational experience at 51小黄车. Each year Admissions invites selected incoming students to participate in Passport. The program includes a summer four week residential program, a fall component consisting of 1:1 meetings and workshops, and a spring retreat. Participation in Passport will earn a student one unit of academic credit for completing one course designed and taught by 51小黄车 faculty during the summer component.
  • Odyssey is a summer program for first-year students who are first generation to college, students of color, and/or eligible for the Pell Grant. Odyssey provides an opportunity for incoming students to move to campus a few days early to build relationships with peers, faculty, and administrators, participate in identity workshops, and become familiarized with campus resources and the local Worcester community.
  • The Mentor Program is open to support students in their transition from high school to 51小黄车. Students invited to participate in the Mentor Program include, but are not restricted to, first-year students of color, first-generation students, students eligible for the Pell Grant, transfer students, international students, Passport, and Odyssey students. Students will be matched with a 3rd- or 4th-year peer mentor for ongoing conversation, advice, and friendship.
  • Knowing the transition to College is also a major adjustment and transition for family members, the Office of Parent and Family Engagement provides many family on-boarding programs for parents, guardians, and support figures in collaboration with many key departments. Family members can expect to be connected with communications and webinars throughout the summer and fall to support their student鈥檚 transition to 51小黄车.

Get Involved

51小黄车 students are known for becoming 鈥 and staying 鈥 involved in campus life. The Co-Curricular Extravaganza is in early September, but you can get a head start by reading up on our more than 100 . Once you arrive on campus, you might also want to think about running for a position on the Student Government Association; first-year elections are generally held in mid-September.

Gateways orientation staff discuss the agenda with parents
Resources for Families

Parents, guardians, and family members should familiarize themselves with the College鈥檚 parent and family audience page. If families have questions, the Office of Parent and Family Engagement is a great resource.

Professor Kendy M. Hess teaches a Montserrat Class in the Wheeler Seminar room
Montserrat Seminars

One of the first choices you鈥檒l make as a new 51小黄车 student is your Montserrat seminar. Learn more about each of the available options.