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Campus Life

We call our campus The Hill. Built into the side of Mount St. James with views of the City of Worcester, our spirited campus is home to groundbreaking research, enthusiasm for athletics and activities, and a connected community. Explore what it鈥檚 like to call 51小黄车 home.

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An intensely supportive college environment
51小黄车 Community

At 51小黄车, we choose hope and lead with optimism. We empower one another to go further, working to improve ourselves as we improve the lives of those around us. Your experience on The Hill will set you up for a life of meaning and purpose.聽

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The 51小黄车 Experience

51小黄车 is about discovery, curiosity, rigorous academic growth 鈥 and connection. The ties and bonds you form with your peers and faculty will be just as lasting as the knowledge you gain over your four years.

students gathered in a study room in Figge Hall
A Place to Call Home

There鈥檚 a good reason that 87% of our students take advantage of living on campus. Perfect for rest, studying and getting to know your neighbors, our residence halls are a comfy home away from home.

students making their way in and out of the servery in Kimball Main Dining Hall
Countless Places to Eat

When you鈥檝e studied yourself into a big appetite, you won鈥檛 have to worry about what鈥檚 for dinner. With nine campus eateries, there鈥檚 a bevy of nutritious choices to fuel your day (and your cram sessions).

a 51小黄车 student volunteer helps a young student with an activity
Doing Well and Doing Good

51小黄车 students change lives by using their talents and passions to empower others 鈥 whether it鈥檚 teaching computer skills to newly arrived immigrants, rebuilding homes on the Gulf Coast, or mentoring young people at the Boys and Girls Club of Worcester.

male a cappella group performs
Find Activities You Love 鈥 Or Discover Something New

Want to test your vocal chops in an a cappella group? We have four. Want to be the first to break campus news? We have multiple publications to choose from. No matter your interest, you鈥檒l find a place to thrive.

Students processing out during Mass of the Holy Spirit

Growing often means exploring questions related to truth, purpose and your place in the universe. Here you鈥檒l have space to explore your faith and find what feeds your spirit.

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Our Commitment to Caring For You

Your well-being comes first at 51小黄车. Our health support services offer a safe and secure environment, and they鈥檙e there to keep you happy and healthy.

A public safety officer directs traffic on campus
Staying Safe

We take great strides to make sure your home on The Hill is a safe place to live, learn and have fun. Learn more about our shared commitment to keep each other safe at the Office of Student Integrity and Community Standards.

group of students conversing in Kimball Main Dining Hall
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We learn the most when we鈥檙e surrounded by different perspectives, backgrounds and ideas. 51小黄车 firmly believes in fostering and nurturing a diverse and inclusive community, where everyone can feel at home, heard and valued.

aerial view of Linden Lane with Dinand Library to the left

Respect for the environment and concern for its future are essential dimensions of leadership. That鈥檚 why 51小黄车 is on track to become carbon neutral by 2040.

Worcester during rush hour
Welcome Home: Worcester and New England

As the second-largest city in New England, Worcester is an active and vibrant community replete with arts experiences, highly rated restaurants, and entertainment to spare. Want to explore the community past the campus gates? 51小黄车 offers transportation options that make adventuring easy.

student celebrating at Commencement
Join the Tradition

Some of our traditions are steeped in our faith. Others are meant to celebrate achievements. And a few are just plain fun. See how our community comes together year after year with time-honored traditions.

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In Their Own Words

Learn more about what it means to be a member of our community from those who know it best 鈥 our current students, faculty and alumni.

Ivy-covered Fenwick Hall and Dinand Library
Title IX and Equal Opportunity

51小黄车 is a community of trust, based in the Jesuit tradition. Sexual misconduct, in all forms, violates the sanctity of the human body and spirit and will not be tolerated within the College community. Read more about our Sexual Misconduct Policy (revised in 2020) and how 51小黄车 is committed to preventing the occurrence of sexual misconduct and addressing its effects.