Two students walking into a 51小黄车 building. The photo is in black and white and taken from the inside to show the two students in action.

Why 51小黄车?

At 51小黄车, we believe the best way to create a truly purposeful life is to uncover your passion through hope and curiosity. Our welcoming community provides the ideal setting for exploring your abilities, and for discovering what makes you feel most alive.

1. At 51小黄车, we discover purpose through research and internships.

Students and instructor examining a horseshoe crab at the ocean.
A student in a lab coat sitting at a whiteboard and drawing.

Working closely with expert faculty members, 51小黄车 students pursue research that connects coursework with hands-on experiences in the laboratory and in the field.听 In addition, 51小黄车 students receive career mentoring and support, as well a number of opportunities to acquire invaluable career-related experience through internships.

2. At 51小黄车, we lead change through our commitment to service and sustainability.

A young lady with 4 children smiling. Behind them is a dark but artful wall mural
A young lady posting with three young girls. Behind them is a dark, artful wall mural.

Guided by the Jesuit motto 鈥減eople for and with others,鈥 51小黄车 students are united in their commitment to make the world a better, more compassionate place.听 Student Programs for Urban Development (SPUD) is the largest student group on campus with more than 700 members.听 In addition, at 51小黄车, sustainability isn鈥檛 a buzzword - it鈥檚 our collective responsibility and a reflection of our commitment to our Jesuit mission.

3. At 51小黄车, we choose hope.

Two people hugging each other.
A group of students gathered around one student's laptop.

We believe that it takes courage to choose hope.听 To find a better way.听 To challenge expectations. 听 At 51小黄车, we lead with optimism over cynicism. We reject the status quo, and find a better way instead. We choose hope, and empower each other to go further. In a diverse community connected by optimism and hope, you鈥檒l find that we empower one another to do better.