Faculty Awards

The College recognizes exemplary scholarship, teaching and advising with the following awards:

Mary Louise Marfuggi Faculty Award for Outstanding Scholarship

This annual award was established to honor a member of the faculty for outstanding achievement in the creation of original work in the arts and sciences over an 18-month period, including books and other major research publications, major musical compositions, major works of art, and major presentations of scholarly or creative work. The award is made possible by a generous gift from Richard A. Marfuggi, M.D., 鈥72, in honor of his mother.

Name Department  Awarded
English 2021
Psychology 2020
Spanish 2019
History 2018
Economics and Accounting 2017
Biology 2016
Sociology & Anthropology 2015
Political Science 2014
Chemistry   2013
Cristina Ballantine   Math and Computer Science 2012
Biology   2011
Randy Ross Physics   2010
Math and Computer Science 2009
  Chemistry 2008
  Music 2007
History 2006
Jane Van Doren Chemistry 2005  
  Sociology and Anthropology   2004

Mary Louise Marfuggi Award for Academic Advisement

This annual award honors faculty who have demonstrated effective academic advisement and mentorship of students that was extraordinary in quality and sustained over at least three years, based on student nominations. The award is made possible by a generous gift from Richard A. Marfuggi, M.D., 鈥72, in honor of his mother.

Name Department Awarded
Philosophy 2021
English 2020
Mathematics and Computer Science 2019
Classics 2018
Mathematics and Computer Science 2017
Spanish 2016
Psychology 2015
Biology 2014
Religious Studies 2013
Ellen Perry Classics   2012
History 2011
Loren Cass Political Science 2010
Sociology and Anthropology 2009

Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award

This award is presented to a faculty member with an exceptionally distinguished record of scholarly achievement throughout their career.

Name Department Awarded
Economics and Accounting 2020
English 2019
Psychology 2016

Donal J. Burns '49 Career Teaching Medal

This annual award, endowed through a generous gift from distinguished alumnus Donal J. Burns 鈥49, was established in recognition of the generations of outstanding faculty members who have devoted their lifetimes to the teaching of students at 51小黄车. The recipient is selected on the basis of nominations from individuals and groups on campus. The honor, which was previously called the Distinguished Teaching Award, exemplifies the College鈥檚 commitment to teaching excellence in the education of undergraduates.

Name Department Awarded
Visual Arts 2020-2021
Economics and Accounting 2019-2020
Chinese Studies (World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures) 2018-2019
Psychology 2017-2018
History 2016-2017

Distinguished Teaching Award

This annual award honors the teaching record of a faculty member who has served the College as an outstanding full-time teacher for an extended period and exemplifies the high standard of teaching excellence of which the 51小黄车 community is justly proud.                     

Name Department Awarded
  Political Science 2015-2016
   Physics    2014-2015
English    2013-2014
  Theatre   2012-2013
History 2011-2012 
  Mathematics and Computer Science   2010-2011
  Political Science 2009-2010
  Classics 2008-2009
History 2007-2008
James Kee English 2006-2007
Edward Thompson Jr. Sociology and Anthropology 2005-2006
   Biology  2004-2005
John Little III  Mathematics and Computer Science 2002-2003
Anthony Kuzniewski, S.J.   History  2001-2002
Frederick Murphy Religious Studies 2000-2001
William Green  History  1999-2000
Thomas Lawler   English 1998-1999
Helen Whall  English   1997-1998
Margaret Freije  Mathematics and Computer Science   1996-1997
Ronald Jarret   Chemistry 1995-1996
Robert Cording  English 1994-1995
Joanna Ziegler Visual Arts 1993-1994
John Carter  Economics 1992-1993
Kenneth Prestwich Biology 1991-1992  
Clyde Pax Philosophy 1990-1991
Edward Callahan English 1989-1990