Digital and Emerging Scholarship

From community archives to geographic information system (GIS) mapping, 51小黄车 faculty and students are involved in innovative digital work. Digital scholarship opportunities on campus foster a creative and collaborative learning experience within the world of new technologies.

Neel Smith in a classroom with students laughing

51小黄车 supports new and exciting research, both inside and outside the classroom. This research promotes the ongoing process of exploration and discovery that is central to a Jesuit education. 

Faculty are provided the space to conduct digital scholarship in their field with the help of 51小黄车 students, who benefit from the unique experience of real-world research. Students have the opportunity to learn new technologies and showcase their digital skills through group and individual projects. With support from departments such as Educational Design and Digital Media Services and Dinand Library, digital and emerging scholarship is able to thrive on 51小黄车’ campus.

Classroom Projects

alone together
Alone Together

Professor: Leila Philip | In this series 51小黄车 students created podcasts about a work of art in the Worcester Art Museum.

reflecting pools
The World of the Greeks and Romans

Professor: Aaron Seider | A series of podcasts from students at 51小黄车 that offer a modern take on the ancient environment.

photo of a tree and sunset
Filmmaking in Spanish

Professor: Bridget Franco | Through a hands-on learning approach to the art of filmmaking, students explore and experiment with the core components of cinematographic production: screenplay writing, directing, lighting, sound engineering, camera technique, and digital editing (conducted entirely in Spanish).

brooks concert hall with a projector and screen in the middle

Professor: Chris Arrell | Supports the experiential learning of digital sound design, hardware hacking, collaborative music composition, and chamber music performance.

red and blue circle with a white center
Media Glass

Professor: Ellis Jones | For this app project, students in Sociology of Television & Media course investigated a variety of well-regarded data sources and assigned news media outlets A to F grades for overall reliability, integrity, neutrality, and independent, fact-based reporting.

Faculty Projects

book cover: the better shopping world
Better World Shopper

A comprehensive database with reliable accounting of the social and environmental responsibility of companies.

Catholics & Cultures understanding the religious lives and practices of the catholics around the world
Catholics & Cultures

A hub of research articles, interviews, photographs, videos, maps, and graphics to provide viewers a global sense of what it means to be Catholic today.

image from homer
Homer Multitext Project

Seeks to present the textual transmission of the Iliad and Odyssey in a historical framework, and provides ways to view these contexts both synchronically and diachronically.


CINEGLOS is an audiovisual glossary of cinematographic terminology designed for students and teachers of cinema in Spanish.


Educational Design and Digital Media Services

Educational Design and Digital Media Services is the campus’ hub for all things digital within the classroom. On the project page, students can browse scholarly projects created by fellow students, and faculty can find inspiration from the work fostered by fellow faculty members. From podcasts to mapping projects, the department provides the support needed for innovative digital work in a classroom setting.

Dinand Library

Dinand Library provides additional support for faculty who are looking to expand their personal research into a wide range of digital projects. On Dinand’s Digital and Emerging Scholarship page, faculty members can find information on web hosting, digital tools, research data management, and other on-campus resources. They can also schedule a one-on-one consultation appointment with a librarian to discuss opportunities for their project.